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The coffee and confectionery part, in addition to great coffee, features freshly squeezed juices made from combinations of different fruits and vegetables and fruit plates made from combinations of fruit with honey, ice cream or chocolate. All our cakes, pastries, fillings and creams are made according to original recipes and fresh well-chosen ingredients, with the addition of our “charm”.
Monument restaurants, along with the first Monument restaurant opened in Admirala Geprata Street, are located in all shopping centers in Belgrade, and another one just joined this family, in the heart of Belgrade – Monument Russian Tsar.

The Monument brand turned 25 this year, in 2021. For a quarter of a century, we have proudly held our place on the gastronomic map of Belgrade. The idea, knowledge, experience, enormous effort, and work have contributed to our guests recognizing our quality and always gladly returning to us.
The inspiration for its name Monument arose from the historical monument called “Milošev Amam” (Hammam of Prince Miloš). It is a Turkish bath that was built within the Savamala castle of Prince Miloš Obrenović. It is located within the first cafe-restaurant Monument in Belgrade, at St. Admirala Geprata no. 14. The concept of popularizing cultural monuments through our catering facilities, gives our brand a special spirit and importance.
Every day we strive to improve our service and to be your “happy place”. We want topreserve the best that tradition has to offer, but also to give it some kind of our own, modern
Monument cafe-restaurants consist of 3 units: restaurant, wine and cafe-confectionery parts.
The concept of our cuisine is based on original Mediterranean dishes. We use only the finest spices and fresh, natural groceries. In our wine offer there is a huge selection of red and white wines, as well as sparkling wine and dessert wines. We are constantly expanding our offer, so in addition to domestic and foreign labels that we already have, we are constantly striving to discover new tastes that would satisfy your taste.


Monument style is well known – authentic menu, quality food, top service and comfortable atmosphere. We have brought the concept, which we have not given up on for 25 years, to a new location in the heart of the city.
The Monument continues the popularization of cultural monuments in its catering facilities by reviving the legendary Russian Tsar. It is the meeting place of Belgraders and their guests for almost a century, the Russian Tsar occupies a special place on the map of Belgrade and in the hearts of all of us. Since 1926, this magnificent building in Knez Mihailova Street has been welcoming guests with open doors and open arms. It is now dressed in a new Monument attire. 
The cuisine of the Russian Tsar is based on original Mediterranean recipes as well. We carefully choose natural foods and ingredients and compose dishes rich in minerals and vitamins, whose tastes satisfy even the most experienced gourmets.
Our menu is rich with a large selection of meal salads that represent light meals for every occasion. Besides that, you can find various homemade pastas, pizzas and various meat specialties. All our meat products are processed and prepared in our facilities for treating meat with special care. Vegans will find a delicious vegan burger and Monument Nutritive salad at our place.
Although there are a large number of excellent dishes on our menu, if you ask our chef what his personal favorites are, he will always point out grilled octopus and risotto with chicken and pine nuts.
Always leave room for dessert when you come to visit us, because you simply have to try our sweets! All of our cakes are made according to original recipes and carefully selected ingredients. We enjoy being faithful to the old recipes that have been applied for years, but
always adding our own touch and making them new and modern.
Friday and Saturday are reserved for relaxation, so you can enjoy wonderful evening acoustic concerts in our bar.
We can proudly say that the doors of the Monument of the Russian Tsar are open. Be our guests, enjoy our specialties! Be part of the Monument family!

History of the Russian Tsar

The interior of the then Russian Tsar was changed during the reconstruction in the 1960s, when the self-service restaurant Zagreb began its story at that place.
Today, as one of the most recognizable domestic brands, Monument restores shine to the old Tsar and dresses him in new clothing.
And now, after all these years, the doors of this place are open to all guests in the new, Monument edition.

At the address Obilićev Venac 29 there is a grandiose building and a cultural monument of inestimable importance.
The very building in which the Russian Tsar is located will attract the eyes of every passer-by with its beauty. It was built somewhere between 1922 and 1926. The architect Petar Popović was responsible for the conceptual design, and the architect Dragiša Brašovan helped him in the development. The entire building consists of various artistic directions, from the form of academic mannerism, where it represents a building conceived as an object for rent located in the heart of Belgrade. The features of the neo-baroque can be noticed in the shapes of the corner dome, and the elements of Art Nouveau stand out on the whole of the building.
It is believed that the Russian Tsar owes his name to the Russian ruler Alexander II Nikolaevich Romanov, who was popular in Serbia around 1900 because he was supposed to be the best man at the wedding of Aleksandar I Obrenović and Draga Mašin.
Since its inception, the building has retained its original purpose – the upper floors are designed as residential buildings, below are business premises, and a restaurant is on the ground floor and in the basement.
The name Russian Tsar is associated with the name of the space which already existed in the same place until the construction of this building, which has been discussed so far. In the period between the two wars, this cafe was one of the centers of cultural events and this
place, in addition to representatives of the then elite world, gathered some of our best intellectuals.
Serbian engineers and architects held their sessions in this restaurant.

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